Physiotherapy Exercises

Physiotherapy Exercises

Physiotherapy exercises enable people to deal with injuries and diseases that hamper their functional abilities. There are specific physiotherapy exercises which deal with different parts of the body like shoulder, knees, lower back.
Physiotherapy Exercises
Physiotherapy exercises alleviate pain and are even used to strengthen muscles and joints to help avoid injuries. These exercises are considered to be one of the best way to deal with muscle pull and strain. Physiotherapy exercises are widely used to treat sports injuries and orthopedic disorders. These exercises are also used to improve the range of motion and flexibility. People who have been in accidents and are facing problems with natural movements also benefit by these exercises. Physical therapists who are highly trained help people who are suffering with problems in specific areas like knees, shoulders, neck, back, etc. Here are a few physical therapy exercises for specific parts.

Physiotherapy Exercises for Knee Pain
One of the most injury prone part of the human body is the knee as this is mostly due to extensive use be it a sports person or a non athlete. Physiotherapy exercises for the knee concentrate on the quadriceps, hamstring and hip abductor muscles. Here are a few knee pain exercises
  • Leg Lifts : Lie on your back with your right leg extended in front of you and left leg bent at the knee and foot firmly planted on the ground. Now lift your right leg off the ground without bending your right knee, try and go as up as the left knee height. Repeat the motion with the left leg by bending the right leg for the desired number of repetitions.
  • Hamstring Curls : Lie on your stomach with your hands by your side. Now bend your right leg at the knee and bring your heel towards your buttocks. Now grab the right ankle with your right hand and hold position for a 10 count. Repeat this knee exercise with your left leg for desired repetitions.
Physiotherapy Exercises for Shoulder Pain
The shoulder has muscles like the trapezius, deltoids, rotator cuff, etc, when there is a tear or strain in these muscles one will experience pain. To get relief from this pain and also to strengthen them to avoid injuries you could try exercises for shoulder pain like
  • Shoulder Squeeze : Stand straight with your shoulders straight and chest out and hands resting by your side. Now tuck your chin bend your arms at the elbows and push your shoulders back as if you are trying to touch them behind your back. Once you have squeezed them together as much as possible, hold the position for a 10 count.
  • Cuff Contraction : Stand tall looking straight ahead and with your chest out. Now bend your right arm at the elbow at a 90 degree angle so that your forearms are parallel to the ground. Keep your elbow close to the body and move your hand away from the body as far as possible. Repeat the motion with the other hand for desired repetitions.
Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain
Another vulnerable body part that is prone to cramps, strains and injuries is the lower back and if you want to strengthen it or get relief from pain you need to inculcate some exercises.Lower back pain exercises if done correctly and regularly will greatly reduce the risk of future injuries and give relief from any residual pain. Some back exercises you could try
  • Knees to Chest : For this routine lie down on your back on an exercise mat with your legs extended in front of you. Then bend your left leg and grab your knee to pull it towards your chest. Once fully contracted hold the position for a 20 count, now repeat the motion with your right leg.
  • Cat Stretch : For this stretching exercise routine get down on all fours by planting your palms and knees firmly on the floor. Now push your tummy towards the floor and lift your head up and look straight ahead. Hold this position for a 10 count and repeat the exercise 2-3 times for relief from lower back pain.
Physiotherapy Exercises for Neck Pain
It is one of the most recurring body pains, and one of the ways to find relief is by doing simple neck pain exercises. Just by rotating or twisting the neck in a particular direction can help make your neck muscles flexible and strong.
  • Back and Front Tilt : Stand with your feet hip width apart and hands fully extended hanging by your side. Now very slowly tilt your head back as far as you can without arching your back. Hold position for 5-10 count. Then tilt your head forward, try and touch your chin on the chest and hold position for 5-10 count.
  • Neck Rotation : You can either sit or stand for this neck exercise, start by looking straight ahead and then slowly rotate your neck clockwise. Rotate your neck clockwise 5-8 times then rotate it anti clockwise. Keep your eyes open through out the motion if you feel dizzy while rotating your neck stop the exercise and either lie down or sit down if you are standing.
Physiotherapy Exercises for Foot Pain
One of the most used muscles are the leg muscles we use them for movement, stability, etc and all this makes them prone to injuries and cramps. Inculcate a few foot and ankle exercisesin your daily routine it doesn't take much time to perform them and they are quiet simple.
  • Ankle Curls : Sit on a chair and keep your feet on the ground slightly apart so that you form a 90 degree angle with your thighs and leg. Now firmly plant your heel in the floor and curl your foot up towards your shin bone. Once you are all the way up hold position for 5 count and let your foot back down. This exercise works well when you have ankle pain.
  • Tip Toes : For this exercise stand straight looking forward and hands fully extended by your side, this will be the start position. Now lift your heels of the ground so that your body weight is balanced on your toes, once you are up hold the position for a 5-10 count.
Physiotherapy Exercise Tips
Physiotherapy exercises aren't just used when you experience strain or pulls in your muscles, they can also be used to improve flexibility. Physiotherapists also recommend doing these exercises as a preventive measure. If you do these exercises daily as part of your muscle warm up routine you can avoid muscle cramps and strains. 

If you are having pain in your joints, muscles, tendons, etc you can manipulate them by putting pressure or by stretching them for relief. In most exercises you don't even need to use anyfitness equipment. All you have to do is bend and twist your body parts to get relief from pain.

Do these exercises regularly as muscles need constant stimulation and consistency in the workout program is crucial for success. Whenever you are doing these exercises concentrate on the muscle you are working and notice the pain you are experiencing. Decide a time for doing these exercises prior and keep a workout tracking sheet to track your program.

Physiotherapy exercises are one of the major tools used by therapists to help people deal with aches and pains. Many fitness experts also believe that inculcating physiotherapy exercises in the daily workout plan is a great way to improve flexibility.

By Indrajit Deshmukh
Published: 1/13/2011