Its already Mac 2013!!!

Assalamualaikum... / Hi all!
its officially one year plus that i tak update lagi this blog.. kesiannn betul bersawang2..

well dear readers...
now i will try to update as many post as possible...
for the past 1 year...i got pregnant, ive delivered beautiful baby princess..i further study and pass semester 1 with pointer above 3.20(which is the minimum requirement).. syukur alhamdulillah..
so now tengah menyahkan lemak2 yg ada.. and plus... i got relapse of my prolapse disc..
its devastating.. very devastating which i will talk more about it in later entry...


MTB punya pasal...


mmmmmm... apa nak cakap yer... nengok ler gambo nyer...
orang roadbike layan mtb.. ni ler jadinyer....

Everlasting motivation to exercise! 2011 Year End Events!

Malakoff Interstate 2010
We neeed to exercise...well.. i need too.. dead or alive... well.. once you are dead no need to exercise pun..
Lepas puasa n now raya dah habis.. my weight alhamdulillah maintain! but my stamina kaputtttttttttt!
Had a riding-xercise with hub at Guthrie the other day! im soooooooooooo sob after only 10km! manage to do 24km ONLY!
And after that able to run-xercise for 3km with Ruby that day then... kaput... and now trying to imagine how am i wana run 5km.. ride.. n run again for 5 km!

And i kept asking my hub... what is the distance for powerman sprint for cycling?? till now my brain tend to wanting to forget............ well.. my brain sometimes gives tooooooooooo lots of ideas.. and i must and already learn to reduce things! thanks a lot to hub who neverending sabar with my kerajinan...

Gosh... so irritated with a person nearby me who consistantly harassing this boy-pelayan.. about the code for WIFI! U are stupid that why u are unable to connect... and i have to open my mouth and said.. 'No need code to connect... pergi website dia n just connect'..

welllllllllll...............................iklan sebentar tadi..
the upcoming event for me:
1-Powerman.. im persuasing mysef to take it as a vacation as i know this year my performance gona be worst than last year...
2- 12H Walk at Melaka.. a new experience for me n hub.. note to self: lom book homestay..
3- Malakoff Interstate Ride 2011: my fav event of the year...last year able to suprise myself... that i manage to ride nearly 80km without stop! (for the second day event).. round island takyah harap la..hihi..
and i come across so many ppl.... jadi teman berborak while riding.. so galssssss.. if u all come across me do tegur i okay! btw, its easy to recognise me.. the biggest n tallest one! haha
note so self: dah reg homestay but belum daftar malakoff..
that all folks!
and paling penting.. istiqamah!