Quit Smoking Monday Messages

Pesanan penuh kasih sayang kepada mereka yang masih merokok...

Quit Smoking Monday Messages

5 Steps That Can Lead to Relapse

When we're aware of the kinds of faulty thought patterns that can throw a quit program off track ahead of time, we have the advantage of being able to create a plan of action to deal with them.

Let's take a look at 5 of the most common reasons people relapse and consider how we can navigate them successfully should they arise.

Knowledge is Power!

Take The Quit Smoking Monday Pledge

Healthy Monday encourages us to think of every Monday as a day that we can begin work anew on goals that we have for ourselves. If you're still smoking, put your cigarettes down and get started on your quit program today.

We all have the ability to quit smoking successfully, and we all deserve a life that is free of addiction. Honor your life by choosing Monday as the day to start and reinforce your quit program.

You can quit smoking ... and we're here to help you, one simple Monday at a time.

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