Exercise : Whole Body Stretch

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Exercise of the Week: Whole Body Stretch

Tuesday December 1, 2009
Whenever I see a client's eyes start to water with barely contained fury (usually about halfway through a set of burpees or pushups), I know it's time implement my only defense: The whole body stretch.
This is a surefire way to calm anyone down and to help my clients forget about the terrible, terrible thing I just made them do. Even better, this move feels so good on the entire front body, you may be tempted to remain in this position for the rest of the day.
What I love about this exercise is that you get full support while stretching those chronically tight computer muscles - the chest, shoulders, abs and hip flexors. This move is great after a workout, after a long day at the office or, frankly, any old time of the day.
Whole Body Stretch
Do it right: Lie face up on the ball and roll down until you back is fully supported. Straighten the legs and stretch back over the ball, draping your body over it and letting your arms hang towards the floor. Keep your head up or skip this move if it makes you dizzy. Hold for 3-5 breaths.

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