How Ron Lost 70 Pounds

How Ron Lost 70 Pounds
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How much weight I lost: 

I lost 70 lbs.

What motivated me to lose weight: 

I have lived most of my life as an overweight person. At my heaviest, I weighed 250 lbs. When I bought a fitness magazine, I read articles of real people who shared their experiences of how they lost their bulges and pounds and I said to myself, "If they can do it, why can't I"?

How I lost weight: 

First of all, I changed my eating habits. Before, whenever I eat, it would be like there is no tomorrow - I would stuff myself! Then, when I was inspired by the weight loss stories I read, I decided to become more active. I played badminton at least 4 times a week for 2 hours at a time. After a month of this activity, I only lost 2 pounds. I was disappointed at first but I never lost hope. I continued my diet and badminton and, after 3 months, I lost 20 pounds. I noticed my skin starting to sag because I was losing weight so fast. I decided to enroll in a gym, going twice a week and continuing to play badminton thrice a week with weekends being my rest days. I still continued losing weight (I had lost a total of 60 pounds) but was not gaining any muscles. I then decided to get a personal trainer who also happens to be the personal trainer of my wife. I was motivated to get him because he was making progress with my wife's weight loss goal. And my wife said our trainer is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. In my case, our trainer said I needed to grow muscles since I had rapidly lost 60 pounds before I enrolled with him. Frankly speaking, it was very hard and my trainer painstakingly lead me to achieve what I want by working out with me thrice a week. My trainer gave emphasis on the parts of my body which needed improvement. He gave me workouts for the chest, shoulders, arms, legs and abs with different variations aside from the "old school workout" as he is always saying. My wife and I agree he is indeed one hell of a trainer! At the moment, after working with him and his workouts, I now weigh 180 pounds and have gained and still continue gaining muscles even though I'm 41 years of age. At least I know that I am growing older gracefully!

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Don't lose too much weight too fast because this will lead to sagging skin - aim for a healthy weight loss of about 2 pounds per week( 1kilogram a week).
  • Try to eat 6 small meals throughout the day (every 3 to 4 hours) instead of 3 big meals. This will increase your metabolism.
  • When you do weights, you need to eat protein to feed your muscles.
  • Get enough sleep when you do your workouts to give your muscles time to recover.
  • Go for the whole grain breads/rice since it is healthier, rich in fiber, and with less calories.

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