Race Report-Centro Run 11/7/2010

Centro run prep paliiinnnng best n senang coz depan umah ajerr.. As usual i hv my beloved hub yg suke lekat2 nombor n being very detailllll w every-inch of t prep..Thx hun..
Im already scared my right foot will give me trouble so warm up habis2 punyer!
First round til 5 km maintain n after that my right foot already paining... 

Saya pakai ankle guard dgn ingatan ia bleh mengurangkan sakit tapi actually menyebabkan lagi sakitnye.. Rasa nak bukak kasut n bukak je ankle guardtu tp apakan daya.. So meneruskan la terus larian.. Tapi dah terpk nak gave up after first round of 6 km.. Tapi kalu gaveup nanti takde goodies etc so memaksakan diri gak power walk till finish.. My time seminit lagi nak 2 jam for 12km w very swollen n painful right foot.. 

Bukak2 kasut bengkakkkk n merahhh n berazam taknak pakai lagi ankle guard yg merupakan penyumbang utama pd kesakitan! Learn my lesson the hard way! After that got t antalgic gait n gota iced it.. Few days batu kurang sakit..
Pasal track plak very dusty! No scenery no nice trees or grass to look to.. The smell also not so nice coz running thro tempat pembuangan sampah n also very polluted Klang river..

The police officer very gud n also t volunteer r great ! Just that t water station is not place strategically but not a prob for me since i like to bring my own water bottle. All in all happy to be able to run an event just nearby my neighboorhood.


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