Race Report-Siemen Run 18/7/2010

Armed with Phiten insole.. Started t day not ad early as SCKLIM.. after subuh at home..then shottt to Dataran Merdeka.. Parked at Padang Merbok n warming up while walking to dataran.. having quite a time to find t public toilet which is soo gud!
But n unpleasent scene happened.. aiyak..
then straight do the aerobik warm-up.. rasa banyak ruang jika dibandingkan semasa SCKLM.. and masa warming up the music all so happening! n dance waka waka! hihi
So the run start... penuh dengan bukit dan bukau.. i dont like towalk while going uphill..coz it will take a lot more time n effort.. so i ran.. after 5-6 km then only cum to a flat road.. after that its a woer walking n running combo.. My pace:

km Pace (min/km) Elevation (m)

1 9:22 13
2 10:11 21
3 9:44 7
4 10:46 6
5 9:12 -25
6 10:50 6<---- im more or less power-walking after this..

7 10:20 -20
8 11:04 7
9 8:52 -3
10 12:26 -3
11 7:17 -

Suprisingly.. my right ft no pain at alll!! so happy! coz im not wearing the ankle guard n im wearing phiten insole!
if not it will be so painful n swollen..
Masa Siemen run ni ada lebih masa tok bergambar2 dan berkenalan with all the CAR runner..
Although tak dapat any medal coz its only for top 200 i think..im Happy! n happy that the start of the day yg malas im able to burn 1,034 kalori!


  1. good job Ida! jangan putus asa, lari dan lari :)

  2. Thanks amsyah... Tu la baru start bulan 6 aritu..huhu :)