Run Naturally

Run Naturally

Here are several basic tenets of natural running form espoused by various technique gurus:

-  Regardless of your running pace, run with a fast cadence of 180 to 190 steps per minute or higher.

-  Run with an upright posture and a slight forward lean.

-  Strike the ground below your hips and not in front of them to reduce braking. (Wearing lightweight, low-to-the-ground shoes with minimal midsole cushioning helps reinforce this stride.)

-  Strike the ground at the midfoot, not the heel or the toes -- the actual impact area will vary based on body type -- and allow your heel to naturally settle to the ground.

-  When starting a new stride, develop the habit of picking up your leg instead  of pushing off the ground.

-  Use a compact and fluid arm swing, keeping your elbows bent at an acute angle and your hands close to your chest.

-  Keep your head upright and steady and your eyes looking forward.

-  Be "present in the moment" to allow yourself to concentrate on your stride but stay relaxed and don't overanalyze. The more you adhere to good form, the quicker it will become second nature.

-  Consider getting custom insoles to further your gait enhancement.

-  Land at the midfoot and allow the heel to settle to the ground.

-  Instead of rolling through a stride and pushing off, lift your leg to begin a stride.

-  A key to natural running form is high cadence with short strides, regardless of pac

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